Did you know 1 in 3 women are experience some form of emotional abuse in their marriage?



In many cases, the abuse is covert and difficult to recognize, leading to misdiagnosis of the problems and further harm caused by the very people who are trying to help.

The Marriage Recovery Center –         a trusted resource

At the Marriage Recovery Center, we have spent many years developing a comprehensive treatment program for perpetrators and victims of narcissistic and emotional abuse.  After many years of research, writing and clinical practice devoted to narcissistic and emotional abuse, what we have come to find is that when emotional abuse is present in a marriage, change cannot occur until the abuse is addressed and treated. No amount of marriage counseling or communication tools will help until the deep, character issues are confronted and addressed.

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If you have hit a roadblock with your clients, it may be time to involve outside specialists in your client’s long-term treatment plan.  The Marriage Recovery Center has a team of experts available to support the work that you are doing and partner Our team is made up of clinicians who specialize in high conflict couples, emotional abuse, narcissistic behaviors, trauma work, addictions, lifespan integration and DBT, all trained under Dr. Hawkins and his Healing Together philosophy which is based on the belief that healthy marriages require two healthy individuals.  Our Healing Together program is the result of years of working with couples debilitated by narcissistic and emotional abuse, and it is proven to work!  

Contact us at (206) 219-0145  or frontdesk@marriagerecoverycenter.com

Additional Resources

Safe Harbor Workshop

A training course for professionals


  • Learn to look for signs of power and control dynamics and decipher what is really going on underneath the surface.

  • Gain insight into the most effective strategies for confronting and addressing emotional abuse, and how to avoid secondary abuse in your work.

  • Explore topics such as spirituality, sex, separation, forgiveness, and reconciliation in the context of emotional abuse.

  • Learn what successful follow-up care looks like and know when to refer to outside specialists.

  • Only $149 for 3 hours of audio plus a written transcript.  Download and listen at your own pace.


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