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Remember Dick and Jane and those chubby cherubs from elementary school? When Dick and Jane were children, the world was a simpler place to live…amazon_logo_transparent2

Read how emotions can help discern what is most important and discover how God is leading you in new directions.amazon_logo_transparent2

Commitment – To many men, this is a scary word. To the women who love them, it’s a goal many fear their man will never attain.amazon_logo_transparent2

She says one thing, he hears something different. Why does that happen, and what can a woman do to bridge the communication gap?amazon_logo_transparent2

Learn the difference between real guilt, false guilt, shame, and conviction, bringing these hidden feelings into the light and their true cause.amazon_logo_transparent2

Communication – Couples thrive when they learn to listen deeply, understand completely, and validate one another compassionately.amazon_logo_transparent2

Parents will learn how to assess their children’s self–image and how to help them know…They are loved and accepted by God.amazon_logo_transparent2

Learn practical steps couples can take to heal their hurt and lays out a concise and easy plan for preventing needless pain in the future.amazon_logo_transparent2

Understand how to develop healthy life skill tools and boundaries on when, why, and how to confront a person who drives you crazy.amazon_logo_transparent2

Though clouded by secrecy and denial, this outstanding book helps expose depression and how it can shape a man’s personality.amazon_logo_transparent2

Men Just Don’t Get It – But They Can: 9 Secrets Every Woman Should Know. Take a journey to understand how a man thinks.amazon_logo_transparent2

If you could change one thing and never again fight with your spouse, would you? Learn the secrets in this groundbreaking book.amazon_logo_transparent2

Whether you’ve been married for a few years or a few decades, do you long for the days when you were more than just roommates.amazon_logo_transparent2

Learn practical ways women can improve the quality of their relationships by helping the men in their lives become healthier and more fun to live with.amazon_logo_transparent2

How can a wife get a husband’s undivided attention? How can she be honest without hurting his feelings or starting a fight?amazon_logo_transparent2


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Whether you’re Single, Divorced or Widowed: When love comes your way, will you be ready? Learn what that readiness look like?amazon_logo_transparent2
10 Livesavers for Every Couple

This easy-to-read handbook highlights important warning signals, helping readers avoid many serious consequences of relational trouble.amazon_logo_transparent2
When pleasing others is helping you

Learn why people who forfeit their God-given calling and identity to please others move from servanthood to codependency.amazon_logo_transparent2

Addiction is a rapidly growing problem throughout the World! Discover how to breaks the silence of the addictions that control people every day.amazon_logo_transparent2