About The Marriage Recovery Center

The Marriage Recovery Center was born out of a growing need for a retreat center where couples can get away from their personal environment and distractions and meet with specially trained clinicians who will skillfully address their relationship concerns. The Marriage Recovery Center is staffed by Master’s and Doctorate level clinicians with years of experience in counseling couples with a range of expertise–from marriage enrichment to marriage crisis, we are here to help.

The Marriage Recovery Center has several graciously appointed ensuites (rooms with private baths) along with a private cottage that includes a private kitchen as well. If you purchase a package, cost for accommodations are included. Additional nights stay may be available upon request, and all accommodations are booked depending upon availability. The cost for each additional night would range between $100 and $160 per night.

Couples coming to the Marriage Recovery Center fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and will travel to Seattle and take the ferry across to the Kitsap Peninsula where the facility is located. Once settled, they meet with a clinician for three hour Marriage Intensive sessions over the following 2 or 3 days (depending upon which package is purchased). Longer sessions can be arranged and are sometimes needed. Most Marriage Intensives last for 16-24 hours, but may be longer depending upon your needs.


Time at The Marriage Recovery Center is reserved specially for you. Because we have several trained clinicians ready to offer individualized attention, we are USUALLY able to make immediate reservations. To reserve your Marriage Intensive at The Marriage Recovery Center, please call our helpful staff at 360-846-3599 or email us at Info@MarriageRecoveryCenter.com

The Christian staff at the Marriage Recovery Center integrate their faith into their work and believe God can bring tremendous healing to individuals and to couples who seek help
We have also found our work to be incredibly effective for those couples and individuals with differing or no particular faith practice.


Dr David Hawkins Dr. David Hawkins is a Christian Clinical Psychologist who is a speaker for the American Association of Christian Counselors and has been writing an Advice Column for Crosswalk.com and CBN.org for several years and is now writing for Believe.com.

He is a weekly guest on Moody Radio and Faith Radio and is the author of over thirty books.

He is happily married to Christie, an Interior Designer, and lives on Bainbridge Island, outside Seattle.


Not only do couples come to us, but we have the capability of coming to you. One of our specialized programs is the Executive Marriage Intervention Program.

Executive marriages experience unique stresses, and finding time and skilled resources to assist them can be difficult, if not impossible. We are ready to come to you and help restore your marriage. Utilizing solution-focused strategies, our experienced treatment team is ready to offer immediate assistance. Call our business office at 360-846-3599 for an estimate for your particular situation.